Rik Vera (Keynote speaker)

“The world has entered the Twilight Zone: the old business models are slowly deflating, they are merging and industry lines are blurring. Out of this chaos a new world is rising with hundreds of new business models. We have the biggest opportunity ever in front of us to re-think how we produce, process, distribute and consume food, water, energy, mobility…”

Tigran Richter (President Europatat)

“This year we are looking at a key edition of our annual Congress: On the eve of the European elections, the Europatat Congress will offer participants the possibility to discuss with European legislators and politicians, and other sectorial colleagues about how the sector should transition to the new decade.”


Restrain is the manufacturer of a unique generator that converts ethanol to ethylene gas for post-harvest sprout control in onions and potatoes. Restrain also offers a treatment for seed potatoes that increases stem count, yield and promotes an even size distribution.

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