Confirmed speaker

Tomasz Bieńkowski

President of the Polish Potato Federation


Tomasz Bieńkowski PhD is a specialist in the field of plant production, in particular in breeding and seed production of cereals and potatoes. Since 2000, he is the President and owner of CN Nidzica, one of the largest seed and breeding enterprises in Poland. At the same time, as a farmer, he runs a specialised commercial seed farm. In the years 2007-2013 he worked as an expert under the 7th EU framework program – AGREE.

Co-founder and President of the Polish Potato Federation, Tomasz is an active member of Europatat at the seed potatoes and RUCIP commissions. He is also founder of the first RUCIP representative office in Poland. For several years, he has been the co-organiser and commissioner of the international POTATO POLAND fair – one of the most important events in the international potato industry, and co-organiser of the Polish Potato Congress.

Currently, he is the deputy chairman of the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund in National Agriculture Support Center and a member of the Program Council of the Polish Plant Health Inspection. Moreover, Tomasz is one of the co-creators of the Polish potato program 2020-2025 and initiator of the establishment of the Polish Parliamentary Team for the Development of the Potato Industry.

Tomasz promotes Polish and European agri-food products, especially Polish potato, not only on the domestic but also on the international markets.