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Anthony Atlas

Head of Product and Growth ClimateAi


Anthony Atlas is the Head of Product and Growth at ClimateAi, a California based ag-tech company enabling agri-businesses to make weather and climate-smart decisions 1 day – 40 years out. Anthony is the former head of Strategy at Ceres Imagery and is the co-founder of the Stanford University Food & Ag alumni group.

ClimateAi’s breakthroughs in machine learning and climate forecasting have enabled a new paradigm of weather-smart agriculture, informing everything from optimal planting dates to commercial trial siting to high accuracy yield/quality forecasts for production planning, contracting, and predictive supply chain management. ClimateAi is composed of a team of leading climate scientists, data science experts, and agriculture entrepreneurs, building machine learning based tools to make agriculture more resilient, sustainable, and profitable for all stakeholders.

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